Our History

Mr. Shuttlesworth's Foundation was created in 2016.  There is a desperate need for short term housing and comfort services for transplant, and other critically ill patients, while receiving treatments.  The screening and listing procedures for transplant patients can last 1-3 months, or longer. This can make local accommodations, such as hotels and rentals, unaffordable, hard to find, and uncomfortable.

In 2017, the vision for Mr. Shuttlesworth's Foundation was realized when the organization opened the doors to its initial coastal home in the Jacksonville Beach area.  This was to a family seeking lifesaving transplantation for a loved one at a nearby Jacksonville Hospital. We are happy to announce that the transplant was a sucess and Mr. Shuttlesworth's Foundation now offers numerous housing options in close proximity to Mayo Hospital and Baptist Hospitals.



Our accommodations afford our guests a beautiful beach environment, a comfortable "at-home" setting, and full transportation services to and from the transplant center, as needed.

The relaxing setting and additional comfort services are an important part of Mr. Shuttlesworth's magic. It’s a safe, fun place for families to gather and share their experiences with each other., while waiting for the valuable medical attention.

The “Mr. Shuttlesworth” of Mr. Shuttlesworth Foundation is not a specific person, but rather a character chosen to symbolize comfort, fun, and hope for all of the patients going through the difficult journey of transplantation or other extreme treatments.